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Turnkey Packaging Line Automation

CXV Global transforms patient lives by introducing pack line management software platform to one of the worlds highest-selling biometric monitoring device manufacturer.

  • Client: Medical Devices and Healthcare Manufacturer
  • Industry: Medical Device
  • Location: Europe & US


Our client, who is one of the top 5 global Life science companies, and their assembly / packaging line OEM tasked CXV Global with management of component sub-assembly pairing and serialised identification of finished product on a number of high-speed and high uptime lines in Europe and the US.

The client and OEM identified the part pairing, reconciliation, serialisation and edge device management as a critical element of the automation design in order to launch the product to market.

They selected CXV Global on the basis of over 30 years of experience with all major US and European OEMs as a trusted partner to provide this mission-critical solution.

The Client Solution

Leveraging existing IP and domain expertise, CXV Global rose to the complex challenge from concept through design, build, test, commissioning & qualification of fully automated lines on schedule that are supported 24/7 across Europe & the US.
The software platform manages all data management and peripheral devices on a complex multi-part assembly and packaging process.

Commercially it is an unprecedented success for the client and has resulted in outstanding global sales performance.

We are proud to be an important partner to a medical device innovation that transforms the lives of over 1.5 million patients daily.

Technical Inputs

  • Item identification pre-pairing
  • Pack confirmation/product mix avoidance via 1D & 2D reading
  • Checkweigher integration for batch verification
  • Carton laser printing & carton labelling
  • Aggregation of serialised units to case
  • Pairing of applicator & sensor parts into single component identifier
  • Unit-level serialised data management
  • Label printing & verification
  • Final software programming of chip & test of product
  • Batch-level verification of carton artwork & IFU


2012 Initial enquiry from client and assembly line OEM on new product introduction

2013 First traceability solution to assembly & packaging line in European manufacturing site

2018 Second line at another European manufacturing site to meet European demand

2019 CXV Global deploys solutions to more lines in the US to meet unprecedented market demand for the life-changing device

Key Features

24/7 Reassurance of on-site remote engineering support and expertise

8+ Year multi-site, multi-year, multi national Programme Partnership

Full traceability of: components during assembly; completed products though the supply chain and into the marketplace

Annual market demand for the product increased from 3 million units at launch to over 50 million units currently

Regulatory approval for sale on the US market led to lines being installed in the US and massive volume increases

Monitoring device now transforming the lives of over 1.5 million patients daily

On schedule roll-out to multiple assembly lines in manufacturing sites in Europe & US

CXV Global continuously innovated and improved the software platform and delivery model to meet the client’s global market demand for the device

Recall-free production of millions of units of serialised product since market launch

Acknowledged as being among the most successful product launches in the history of medical device manufacturing

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